The number of network endpoints has exploded. 1:1 device deployment and BYOD continue to bring new challenges. And now the Internet of Things has become reality.

Inconsistent standards, unidentifiable data packets and inaccessibility to software agents have multiplied
risks of system-wide damage and exposure of private data.

Risk due to unidentifiable devices

To monitor and protect against devices that might be compromised, you must know what’s on your network.


What's lurking on your network?

Blue Crossing offers the only asset management software that can discover new endpoints on the network that are not in current inventory.

We listen to all traffic, employing an artificial intelligence engine to analyze it and identify devices by their behavior.

If the device is not in the asset database, it gets blocked.

Blue Crossing has designed a system that tracks, updates, and protects assets from original order to manufacturer-declared end-of-life. It’s completely flexible and customizable. Map it to your workflows or use it to create a standard workflow.